Mental Health

Whether it is the protection of assets, court of protection advice or other aspects including undue influence, our lawyers will assist you.

What can we advise upon?

Mental Health Law is highly specialised and an area in which Bond Adams has operated a successful department for several years. In fact, we act for some of the largest organisations which provide mental health services. For example:

  • In Mind Health Care
  • Windsor Health Care
  • LAMP Advocacy

Our mental health department, led by specialists are proud of the level of care and assistance that we give to business owners, clients and their families. Our dedication is to improving the quality of life that those clients have, particularly, given that they are vulnerable individuals.

Clients with mental health issues, are often challenging various institutions or on a private client basis, challenging matters in relation to property rights or other issues.

Our department is concerned about the individual rights and liberties of those being detained and will endeavour to exercise patients legal rights and advise them while in detention, scrutinising all forms of medical treatment.

You can arrange appointments at any hospital or at home at short notice. We routinely assist clients at locations across the county on a private fee paying basis.

Our Services

  • Acting for mental health providers
  • Acting for corporate providers of mental health services in relation to management hearings
  • Housing benefit for accommodation
  • Employment, property and all other related matters
  • Detention
  • Removal
  • Health and safety
  • Acting for mental health patients

We have extensive experience of all sections under the Mental Health Act representation at the Mental Health Tribunal and Hospital Managers Meeting.

  • Advice on nearest relative powers.
  • Working with experts to examine and present medical, forensic, and scientific evidence.
  • Advice on after care.
  • Challenging transfer of property where fraud or deceit has occurred.
  • Dealing with Court of Protection applications.
  • Dealing with guardianship issues.

In addition we have a team of specialist lawyers who can provide advice and assistance in relation to a full range of criminal matters, where the person has been detained. Legal Aid is available for criminal work.