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EU may fail to pass its AI Act in 2023

European lawmakers can’t agree on how to regulate foundation models.

The long awaited EU AI act is still under debate as European lawmakers can’t agree on how to regulate foundation models, and it’s unlikely to pass regulation before December.

Spain, which currently heads the EU, is pushing for more regular vetting for vulnerabilities and the creation of a tiered system of regulation depending on the number of users a model has.

European lawmakers have had three trilogues (a three-party discussion between the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, and the European Commission) around the AI Act, with a fourth expected to happen imminently.

One of the drafts of the EU AI Act proposes foundation model developers be required to assess potential risks, subject the models to testing throughout the development process and aftermarket release, examine bias in training data, validate data, and publish technical documents before release.

Some commentators in the EU wish to involve smaller companies in the discussion. They contend that some developers may find it challenging to comply with rules, so there should be a distinction between for-profit foundation models and hobbyists and researchers.

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