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Litigation – Debt Recovery

A case in relation to debt recovery can be frustrating. However, we are committed to securing all types of funds which are owed to you. Similarly, if you’ve been wrongly blamed for taking out a loan on a company, we will help in recognising the error in a safe, secure and professional manner.

Legal action should be seen as a last resort due to the further stress in all aspects it carries for the parties. Hence, we aim to avoid such scenarios and plan on taking alternative steps to consider resolving debt recovery issues beforehand.

We offer pre-legal help, by ensuring all parties are involved, while also ensuring we gain all relevant evidence in relation to the matter. For example, communications with the individual Company’s accountant will be carried out. This is to make sure that we have sufficient information needed in order to tackle the matter early on, avoiding court action.

If by chance our pre-legal help is unsuccessful, matters will be escalated when court involvement is necessary. Although this may sound stressful and frightening, it is important to know that chasing a debt should never be feared, due to the fact that it is your money. Therefore, we will ensure that all is done for a successful case, leaving our client satisfied.

Communication is extremely vital in such cases, and we aim to discuss all steps taken with our clients, in order for them to understand the current situation we face.

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