deceased estate

Speaking for the deceased

Bond Adams secures settlement after a 5 day court case for a deceased estate

The story of the deceased estate

Bond Adams acted for a deceased set of beneficiaries, related to the deceased estate.

They discovered that two of the beneficiaries had sold the house belonging to the deceased and they knew nothing about it.

As our firm opened up matters, we discovered that it was alleged that the beneficiaries had transferred it to themselves for the value of work they had done to it. They claimed that it was run down.

On investigation, it was found that the invoices that had been produced were false. Bond Adams contacted the builders and plumbers who confirmed these accounts were fabricated. 

The court ordered

  1. The sale of the house.
  2. All rent was now to be paid to the estate.
  3. All gold was also due to the estate.
  4. Interest should be paid accordingly.
  5. Legal costs next needed to be paid.

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