Key legislative changes for employers in 2023

What is a Skilled Work Visa:

The skilled worker visa permits non-UK citizens who have been legally given a position by an approved company in particular sectors or disciplines to travel to Britain for up to five years – depending on their wage threshold requirements, which vary by industrial role – but it does not guarantee them any rights beyond that period unless they become permanent residents through naturalisation. Additionally, it prohibits hiring those without at least two years of experience in specific roles; this is done to ensure that only highly qualified candidates take such positions over less experienced ones during this recruitment process. 

Builders and Carpenters join the occupation list:

The UK government recently declared that builders and carpenters will be added to the skilled labour shortage occupation list. The list includes bricklayers, masons, roof tilers and slaters, carpenters and plasterers. This is excellent news for anyone seeking employment in these fields as it demonstrates recognition of their significant social contribution. Additionally, builders and carpenters will be added to the Tier 2 visa list of skilled workers, making it simpler for them to get visas because UK companies value their skills highly.

Finally, the government’s recent updates to the skilled worker visa’ has the potential to give much-needed assistance for business’ across a variety of industry sectors that are struggling as a result of a rising skills shortage. From November 2022 to January 2023, compared with the period before the pandemic from January to March 2020, vacancies are 72% higher in hospitality and 65% higher in construction. If future applications are handled correctly, it presents a possibility for businesses to thrive again.

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