Hmcts New Guidance on MIAM(Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting) & Injunction Applications

With the COVID-19 Pandemic consuming our daily lives, the increase of stress and uncertainty is unfortunately becoming a pandemic in itself across the world. For some, this lockdown has brought people closer together whereas for others, this has unfortunately seen a strain on marriages and family relationships that have led to irreconcilable differences. If this is yourself, then you are not alone. Here, at Bond Adams Solicitors LLP we provide specific advice that would be helpful and may assist you and your family.

The Courts have looked to introduce new ways of making applications more straightforward during these times to help ease the stresses of Divorce, Child Arrangements and Injunction Orders that have unfortunately become increasingly more commonplace since Lockdown.

HMCTS have made an online service available for MIAM (Mediation Information Assessment Meetings), with the primary benefit of these sessions is that they now can be carried out remotely. There are also options available for parents making an application for child arrangements, whereby you can fill in an online application form to make the necessary arrangements for your child/children. This has been put in place to ensure that the Courts can still process the application during these unprecedented times. 

Under the Family Law Act 1966, coronavirus (COVID-19) has issued new guidance on alternative procedures for injunction applications also and are being made a high priority, with the Courts allowing domestic abuse victims to receive protection as soon as possible. Family Courts are monitoring emails sent regarding these cases every hour and introducing emergency hearings where necessary. 

If you are looking to try and settle your personal and financial affairs without going to Court, Mediation could be the right fit for you. We understand this can be a daunting process under normal circumstances and if Coronavirus has left you feeling even more apprehensive about the process, Bond Adams LLP can help.

Through us, we will ensure that you can easily access the services needed to be able to progress matters ahead, without worrying that the Pandemic will hinder the process.

It is an extremely hard time in any situation, but with COVID-19 these resources are still available or can be dealt with in a timely manner.