Lawyer versus Solicitor - what is the difference

Lawyer versus Solicitor – what is the difference?

You might hear people talking about hiring divorce lawyers or divorce solicitors in Leicester. You could be forgiven for thinking they are talking about the same thing, namely law firms in Leicester. But, while that may be true an overall, generic sense, there is a difference between lawyers and solicitors.

Some law firms in Leicester employ both lawyers and solicitors

Law firms in Leicester, like Bond Adams, or law firms in any other city or town here in the UK, are likely to employ both lawyers and solicitors. The reason is that the word “lawyer” is a sort of “umbrella” term that can be used to describe someone that is a licensed legal practitioner.

In other words, a lawyer is someone that is qualified to provide legal advice in general or specialist aspects of law, and this can include barristers who will argue your case in a court of law.

Solicitors do litigation work

Looking specifically at say a firm of family law solicitors in Leicester, they would be the legal professionals that carry out any litigation work. Litigation is the name given to the process of putting a case before the court.

They would work with you as their client directly, dealing with all of the paperwork and communications with all parties in any disputes. They would then instruct a barrister to represent you if the case were to go to court.

You can approach a barrister directly

Until recently, you could not contact a barrister directly. In Leicester, for example, you would have had to talk to a firm of solicitors in Leicestershire and leave it to them to organise a barrister if required.

Now, new rules here in the UK mean that barristers can offer legal advice directly to the client. Even so, most people will approach a solicitor, to begin with. It’s because a barrister is a type of lawyer who does not normally get involved with the litigation process.

Let your family lawyer in Leicester take the strain

Family law solicitors in Leicester all tend to handle divorces. Lawyers who act as barristers will be appointed by your chosen solicitor if complications arise that need to be settled in court. If you have a legal dispute that needs sorting promptly and professionally, call us here at Bond Adams on 0116 285 8080 or email us at