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Bond Adams family team secures win against former solicitor in non molestation case

The Bond Adams family team has secured a milestone judgement against a former solicitor who was charged with a multi-million pound fraud.


The Facts 

  1. The former solicitor claims that he needed to enter the home.
  2. The client had stated that she needed to stay in the home, worth £3,000,000, for medical and other health reasons.
  3. Numerous allegations and counter-allegations were made against each other with the husband alleging that he had no money to live elsewhere.

Milestone Judgement from the Court

  1.  The court did not believe the former solicitor and believed that he did have money. He was ordered to continue to pay the mortgage and other expenses.
  2. Remarkably in family cases, costs are payable by each party. In this case, the judge ordered the losing party to pay the costs given his conduct.

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