New environmental laws in commercial property law

Within construction it is common for the council and local authorities to regulate the biodiversity of each development. Nevertheless, the parliament are looking to bring out secondary legislation to the Environment Act 2021. Here, they are planning to be more specific on the requirement of such developments. An example being a set minimum on biodiversity net gain. This means construction projects and developments would need to have an impact on biodiversity. This will help increase ecological features and natural habitats in such areas. This will mean that after the work has been done, in this case the environment will be greener than it was before. It seems that for construction and development it is only more challenging to plan and regulate the work they do. However, this will help with keeping the spaces they use greener and more sustainable.

In addition, old commercial sites, as from 1st April 2023 will need to have their EPC rating above E. This is due to it now being illegal to have a rating of F or G. this is unless there is an exemption that applies and has been validly registered. This will require that all landlords are to do works on these properties and get the rating up to at least an E.

From 1st April 2023 a buyer of a commercial property with a rating below E will be able to a register a 6-month exemption to further develop the property to meet the minimum standard. If landlords do not have the right to access the property under their leases, they may be able to register an exemption due to not having any consent.

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