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Bond Adams probate dispute team secures £600,000 win after 5 day court case

The Bond Adams probate dispute team acted for a family who lost their mother. 

The facts of this probate dispute case

  1. The deceased passed away in 2015.
  2. She died leaving a house, jewellery and other assets.
  3. One of her sons dealt with the estate and transferred the property to the name of himself and his wife.
  4. He said nothing despite constantly being asked about the house.
  5. He claimed that he paid care home charges and transferred the property which was worth very little.
  6. He claimed that he did not have the jewellery.
  7. He claimed he had no rent.

The court heard the evidence 

  1.  They ruled that the defendants could not be believed in their evidence.
  2. They ruled in favour of the claimants and ordered costs against the defendants.

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