registration of new builds

Registration of New Builds

Each time a new housing estate gets built, a lot of work is done both inside and outside of
HM Land Registry (HMLR) to make sure the land registration process goes smoothly.
To begin with, the developers of a new estate need to be sure that the land they are building
on is the right land, and that the boundaries they see realistically match up with the
boundaries recorded on the relevant deeds. They need to be sure that the land they want to
build on is the land they are entitled to build on.

In most cases, a large piece of land being developed needs to be divided up into smaller
plots, which become new properties for sale. When the newly built homes go up for sale with
an estate agent, the parties involved, such as, the developer, the estate agent, potential
buyers, conveyancers and mortgage lenders need to be sure that the plot someone is
purchasing is the correct one, and that all the relevant information involving that plot on the
register is accurate.

Registering Property

Land or property must be registered for the first time if it is unregistered when you take
ownership of it or mortgage it.

Even if you do not have to register, registering voluntarily:

  • gives you proof of ownership
  • helps protect your land from fraud
  • makes it easier to change, sell or give your property away in the future

You must register all land or property with HM Land Registry if you have:

  • purchased it
  • been gifted the property
  • inherited it
  • received it in exchange for other property or land
  • mortgaged the property

Other Areas to Consider

You do not usually need to register leasehold land or property if there are 7 years or less on
the lease when you take ownership.

You must register your land with the Rural Land Register as well as HM Land Registry if you
own agricultural land.

Please note there is a possibility that your property might also not be registered if you owned
it before 1990 and have not mortgaged it since.

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