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Spouse visa – Marriage not registered in the UK?

Was your marriage not registered in the UK, and you arrived in Britain on a spouse visa? Bond Adams Solicitors has had a major success in supporting a client with their marriage claim.


In this case, the parties were married in Karnataka, in South West India. They had been married through Islamic ceremonies.

The husband argued that this was not a marriage that would allow the wife to access the UK courts. He believed that the marriage should have been registered according to the law of that state in India and said the courts had ruled this.

The Bond Adams Family Law team and its international connections appointed an expert in India. They ruled that the Supreme Court had stated that to protect underage girls, marriages should be registered, but that did not make it law.

The husband decided to proceed in fighting against this ruling.

Bond Adams Solicitors, representing the wife as their client, presented its arguments to the husband. Their legal weight convinced him to drop his opposition.


Our client is now progressing her marriage claim through the UK courts. She has received full access to her legal rights.

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