the importance of solicitors

The importance of solicitors in the employment industry

The importance of solicitors in the employment industry

Workplace disputes or disagreements need to be carefully managed. They can cover a huge range of areas, from ensuring that the right procedures are used for hiring, through to the termination of employment contracts, and require specialist skills and advice. Whichever side of a dispute you’re on, it’s very important to find a solicitor that’s competent, capable and knowledgeable before taking on any legal proceedings. That’s to both protect your reputation and ensure your investment in legal advice is well-placed. Not all solicitors are created the same.

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Business owners need to focus sharply on how they manage employment law situations because:

It makes for good business. Employees that are well-supported within clear structures perform well and are well-prepared to be both productive and effective. You have a number of legal obligations in your hiring, but above those, the benefits of being a fair, clear and reasonable employer will help you attract and retain staff.

Legal compliance is key to managing your business risk and ensuring your company is not left exposed to unexpected, significant costs. Employment law processes and procedures are complex and rapidly changing so regular and accurate advice can help keep you, and your policies, up to date and robust. In the period 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019 the highest award for unfair dismissal was £947,585. Meanwhile, a discrimination claim of £416,015 was also seen in the same period.

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Disciplining employees for misconduct or poor performance can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Choose one of the brilliant law firms in Leicester by working with us and you can be sure that your formal communications are appropriate, and put you in a good position to defend or evidence any claim which goes to tribunal. Your highly-skilled managers need not be tied up in managing long or bitter disputes and you can protect your reputation from shocks initiated by outgoing employees. This leaves your staff in a position to focus on pushing the company forward, not looking back on bad experiences.

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