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What is Business Litigation and Dispute Resolution?

Business to business litigation can be complicated, particularly where firms have not delivered on an agreement. Our commercial solicitors might be able to help in this situation. If you’re looking for legal advice relating to business litigation and dispute resolution in the UK, Bond Adams can answer any questions you may have. Disputes can get in the way of focussing on growing your business, so it’s vital to know your rights. Commercial solicitors can help you identify risks, and avoid disputes in the first place.

What are the main types of dispute resolution?

Different types of dispute resolution can apply depending on the particular situation. Commercial solicitors can provide mediation services, for example. Mediation is where a neutral third party assists disputants in coming to an agreement on their own, rather than imposing a solution. This can be an effective approach.

Arbitration is another type of approach used in business to business disputes. The arbitrator is still impartial, however, they make the decision on how to resolve the dispute. The arbitrator’s decision is then binding. Commercial solicitors are able to help businesses resolve conflicts in this way, especially if the disputants aren’t able to agree.

Business litigation is probably the most common way to approach dispute resolution. In this case, a judge or jury is responsible for making a ruling about the dispute. The litigation will be controlled by commercial solicitors in this situation. They often end in a settlement during the pre-trial period of discovery and preparation. 

All of these approaches can be taken to resolve disputes between businesses, with their stakeholders or with their employees. Commercial solicitors will be able to decide on the best approach to take depending on the circumstances of the case. They will then assist in providing an appropriate solution.

What business litigation and dispute resolution can commercial solicitors provide?

Commercial solicitors like Bond Adams can offer several services to help prevent disputes and protect your business. These can include protecting your business assets, including your intellectual property, brand, and any other property. They also protect your company’s finances, by ensuring your financial position is secure. This can involve banking arrangements, financing agreements, securities, and guarantees.

Commercial solicitors also help businesses by protecting their relationships. Those relationships might include third parties, such as suppliers, agents, customers, advisors, and purchasers. Commercial solicitors are also responsible for managing relationships with all stakeholders, employees, and directors. This is often necessary for disputes involving breach of contract, breach of confidence or breach of duty.

Disputes of this nature can be resolved with mediation, arbitration, or leading up to court if necessary. If you’re looking to protect your business, commercial solicitors can help manage and resolve any potential or existing disputes. Bond Adams provides support to businesses across the world, with offices based in Aldershot, Birmingham, Leicester and London. If you would like more information about business litigation and dispute resolution, get in touch today

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