boundary disputes

Boundary Disputes

Many property disputes arise between neighbours relating to matters like erecting fences, pruning hedges or overhanging plants and trees. Sometimes it may simply be a case of needing to determine a clear boundary between neighbouring properties.

How is a boundary determined?

Any disputes relating to boundary matters can be clarified in the first instance by checking the property Title Register and Title Plan. These are documents supplied to you upon the purchase of your property.

What is a Title Register and Title Plan?

The Title Register is a document which supplies complete and thorough information regarding the property. This document can be classed as a property summary. Title Registers hold the following information:

  • The Title Number
  • The property address
  • The property description
  • Who owns the property
  • Whether the property has an existing mortgage and details of the lender
  • The ‘Tenure’ type (this is the type of ownership the property has)
  • The Title Register also details any restrictive covenants or easements on the property. Alternatively, it may refer to a separate document containing this information.

The Title Plan supports the description of the property provided in the Title Register. It is a diagram displaying the property’s location and boundary. You will find it is coloured for ease of reference. Red edging delineates the extent of the registered land. This will follow boundary features such as walls, hedges and fences.

What will these documents tell you?

Reviewing the above documents can help to give a better understanding of who rightfully owns a specific area of the land in question. Establishing the boundaries of your property and understanding the area you own allows you to understand your rights on that land. As well as this it will also indicate who has the responsibility to maintain any physical structures that divide the property boundaries. It is particularly important to be aware of the areas of responsibility before completing any works on the property; including erecting fences or building extensions.

It is essential to gain the necessary consents and planning permissions before undergoing any work on your property. Having the correct legal framework in place protects you and can prevent any issues arising in the future.

We’ve outlined some of the basics of property boundaries for you here. Should you need more information or guidance on specific circumstances, then feel free to contact our experienced team at Bond Adams LLP Solicitors on 0116 285 8080 or email us at

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