Trade marketing

Trade Marketing

What Is Trade Marketing?

Trade marketing is a marketing strategy that mainly focuses on selling to businesses. The aim of this strategy is to increase demand with supply chain partners. The focus of the manufacturer is on the point of sale and value chain. The basic methods of trade marketing focuses on sales fundamentals such as distribution, promotion and price. By marketing the products to retailers, demand is created for the product in the market before the consumers purchase the product.

Advantages of Trade Marketing

1. Increases the market presence of your product

2. Competitive edge

3. Secured future for your business

4. Improved reachability

5. Suitable for small and large businesses

6. Consistent profitability

What is Trade Marking?

Trade mark registration is designed to protect something that distinguishes a business and is crucial to brand identity and reputation. Having a registered trade mark enables consumers to identify a brand. A trade mark is created with having the intension for future business growth. This allows for flexibility for growth with the business.

Requirements for a Registered Trade Mark

To obtain a Registered Trade Mark, uniqueness is required. Consequently, you must identify something that is unique in the product or unique in the industry. To be successful in your application, you must ensure that the trade mark does not do the following:

  • Cause offence
  • Mislead consumers
  • Include common phrases or words
  • Include descriptive words
  • Include flags or emblems
  • Include 3D shapes that are common.

Your trade mark can include the following:

  • Words
  • Sounds
  • Logos
  • Colours
  • A combination of any of the above.

The Process of Applying for a Trade Mark

An application alongside the relevant documentation, must be lodged with the Intellectual Property Office. Evidently, this would include the details of the trade mark and the goods or services the trade mark is to be used for. This application can be made online or by post. The fees for registering a trade mark will be a minimum of £170.00 depending on the application made. Feedback will be received from the office within 4 weeks and this will raise any objections if any.

Thereafter, you may choose to withdraw your application, defend your application or speak to the individual who made the application. The trade mark will be published in the trade marks journal for 2 months and therefore, anyone can observe this publication and raise any objections. The office will contact you with any information on any objections raised that you can seek to rectify. If there are no objections, the office will register the trade mark after 2 weeks once the objection period has been finalised and will issue a certificate accordingly.

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